Monday, July 4, 2016

In Cuernavaca's Historic Jardín Borda


In the winter of 1866 Maximilian brought his court to his Imperial Residence in Cuernavaca, what is today the Centro Cultural Jardín Borda. This past Friday July 1, 2016, I participated on a panel for the presentation Mexican historian and novelist José N. Iturriaga's latest anthology, Otros cien forasteros en Morelos. Here is the note about that from my main blog, Madam Mayo:

To see one's own country through the scribbles of foreigners can be at once discomfiting and illuminating. Of course, out of naiveté and presumption, foreigners get many things dead-wrong;  they also get many things confoundingly right. Like the child who asked why the emperor was wearing no clothes, oftentimes they point at things we have been blind to: beauty and wonders, silliness, perchance a cobwebby corner exuding one skanky stink. [...CONTINUE READING]

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