Sunday, November 5, 2017


Back when.... many years ago.... when I was researching my novel I paid more than I would ever like to admit to get my hands on a xerox copy of the three volume set of the English translation of Maximilian's Recollections of My Life. Behold, gentle reader and avid researcher, it is now available for free on

Alas, although nonetheless very interesting, and providing a window onto innumerable topics, and his complex and exhuberant personality, Maximilian's recollections are about his travels from 1851- 1860, before coming to Mexico.

Vol. I covers Italy, then Andalusia and Granada

Vol. II. covers Messina, Palermo, Syracuse, The Balearic islands, Valencia and Murcia, Lisbon, Madeira, Algiers, Albania, and under the title "Across the Line," a journey from the Adriatic out the Straights of Gibraltar and towards South America.

Vol. III covers Brazil

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