Friday, May 24, 2019

Update: "Madam Mayo" Blog's "Mexico" Page

The past few months have been taken up with various projects, among them, a batch of website and blog redesigns and overhauls. From here on out any posts apropos of Maximilian, Carlota, the general period, and my various works about it, will be posted at my main blog, Madam Mayo, and archived under "Mexico."

One of the excellent things about having launched the migration of "Madam Mayo" from blogger to self-hosted WordPress is that I finally figured out how to make "pages," so there is a now a page devoted to all posts on Mexico. That page, of course, includes a link to this blog / archive.

Again, look for new posts over at Madam Mayo, category "Mexico," and with tags including "Maximilian."

This blog archive here on blogger will remain as is for as long as Google allows it. There is also a rich resource page for researchers on my main webpage,, "Maximilian."

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